Different Types Of Fishing Equipment

If fishing is one of your favourite pastime activities but you’re not quite sure about what equipment to use you’ve come to the right place. Depending on which type of fish you want to catch and how many the fishing equipment can greatly differ from each other. By choosing equipment that’s suitable to the task you can avoid mishaps like having the fish escape the line or not even catching any fish at all. This a basic guide on what different types of equipment fishing entails.


This is what holds the rest of your equipment such as reel and line for you. Rods vary in length and can extend up to as high as fifteen feet. Rods are made to be flexible and bend down without breaking when a fish is hooked on the line. However this where you need to be careful as the flexibility of the rods differs depending on which type of fish you need to catch. If you pick a rod off a shelf that was meant to catch smaller fish with and attempt to catch a large one with it, the fish will easily break the rod in its force to swim away. So pay careful attention when picking out your rod.


These are what you use to retrieve the fishing line once you’ve caught the fish. If you’re a beginner just learning to fish you’ll do the best with a spincast reel. These are equipped with a system that will allow you to keep your line in a neat and orderly manner. However keep in mind that these reel in your line slowly and therefore aren’t suitable for fish that will put up a good fight when getting caught. As beginner, take it easy. There’s the spinning reel which will offer more tossing distance for your fishing line and the line can be locked and picked up later. Finally there are the baitcasting reels which are more suitable for seasoned pros at who will already know to use one if they ever need it for a heavy session of fishing.

Hooks, Baits And Lures

Depending on the type of fish you are planning on catching, the size of the hooks can differ. You can also find many fishing lures for sale. Live bait is the most popular way to catch fish but lures are not far behind with a variety of well-produced imitations that resemble food fish eat or even looks attractive enough for it to approach and consume it. Lures heavily depend on the type of fish you want to catch.


The line is the only thing holding the fish you caught to you. So it’s really important to pick the right one to make sure your hard earned catch doesn’t get away. If you’re a beginner the type of line to start you off are the monofilament lines. These are made of stretchy material and are cheap compared to the other type of lines. Then there are fluorocarbon lines. These are immensely expensive and mostly used by fishermen who need to trick the fish into not seeing the fishing line and only the lure. The last type of line is braided lines. These lines are very strong but also very visible therefore in contrast to the fluorocarbon lines must not be used with fish that can sense the lines.

This is only a very basic introduction to fishing equipment. To learn more do more elaborate research on the topic.

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