Essential Items to Include in Your Cycling Kit

Have you got a new bike? Still wondering what to include in your cycling kit as you take our new bicycle around the town for the first time? Have you taken a few trips to bike shops and still can’t decide what to buy? Don’t worry. Here is a list of essential items you need to include in your cycling kit.

A Helmet

A helmet is one of the main requirements for your safety when you are riding a bicycle. When you are shopping for a helmet make sure to look for ones that have a good fit, and good venting to ensure breathability. A lightweight design will be more comfortable for you. But if you are planning on racing, then an aero helmet is the best choice for you. A helmet can be very useful and safe in case of an accident as it can prevent you from getting any head damage or brain injury.


Lights are a requirement that is very much needed when you are travelling in dark. Front bike lights are of two types, lights for seeing and lights for being seen. The former type shows you the road when you are travelling in the dark. The later type is to make sure that others on the road can see you.  When choosing lights make sure to choose those with a lower brightness if you are travelling in a well-lit road in order to avoid dazzling other travellers. You can get these items on a bike shop or simply see products in a bike shop website and you will be able to order them.

Cycling Bell

Just like the lights, bells do not only make it safer for you but also make the road safer for others on the ROAD as well, both drivers and pedestrians. Especially when you are riding on a busy road, or if the bike lanes are crowded, the best way to signal others on the road is by using the bell. Not alerting or not having a way to alert anyone when you are passing them can be really dangerous. A bell can therefore avoid a lot of accidents that might happen in the road when things get a little crowded or if you simply want to pass another bike.

Saddle Cover

Want to protect your saddle from being wet and cold? Then here is your answer. A saddle cover is the perfect solution to make sure that you don’t sit on a drenched seat when you prepare for a ride. Buy a saddle cover to protect your saddle when you are not using the bicycle and this will protect your seat from rain and water. One of the best things about the covers is that not only there are a number of designs and colours you can choose from; you can also get them custom made as you prefer.

And now you have your essentials list. Keep these items in mind when you shop for your cycling kit your shopping will be way more easy.

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