Fun Things to Do In Australian Winter

Unlike other countries, the Australian winter is moderate. Meaning, it could still be warm even in the middle of winter. Australia is a popular summer tourist destination because of its pristine beaches. However, during winter you’ll be amazed on the variety of fun activities you can do in this place.

Winter in Australia lasts from the months of June to August. It is in the middle of the year, unlike countries on the northern hemisphere which happens around December. If you’re visiting Australia around these months, here are some great things you should include in your to do list.

Scuba Diving

You heard it right! The temperature of Australian winter is not too cold so it would still be fine to go for a dive. One great spot to go scuba diving is at Cairns where the Great Barrier Reef is located. Take your time and marvel at the natural beauty of the reef. You can also take photos with some marine creatures if you happen to swim by them. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy this wonderful underwater scene so make the most out of it.

Road Trip

Australian winter is a perfect season for a road trip since the temperature is just perfect. Ayers Rock is one of the popular road trip destinations. Another perfect spot is the Great Ocean Road where you can enjoy a scenic view of the country’s coastal wonders. There’s no need to worry if you can’t drive. There are lots of camper vans for hire around the area or you may take a tour bus if you like.

Try Winter Sports

Winter sports become popular during this season. Skiing, skating and snowboarding are just a few of the most common activities to enjoy during winter. Perisher is a top destination among skiers and snowboarders alike because of its varied terrains. If you haven’t done any of these sports before, you can always learn from professional instructors around the area. You can also visit ice rinks to learn figure skating and ice hockey. Just make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the sport and safety gears whether newbies or not. Frozen Couture provides high quality and stylish figure skating gears and apparel for all ages.

Witness the Southern Lights

Just like the Northern lights, the Southern lights are a sight to behold. Most tourists in Australia really spend some time to witness the wonderful view in Tasmania. Although the sightings are rare, it would be truly unforgettable if you get to see one.

Vivid Sydney

Join the Vivid Sydney festival and enjoy Australian music and street workshops. There are plenty of fun street activities visitors of all ages can enjoy. If you’re a lover of music and ideas, you should never miss out on this festival.

Experience Double Christmas

Since winter in Australia happens mid-year, most people want to experience the wintery Christmas they’ve missed on December. The Yulefest of Blue Mountains allows you to experience Christmas all over again, complete with sumptuous food, singing, dancing and all the festivities you can imagine.

Don’t miss out on these fun activities when you visit Australia during winter.

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