Steps to Make Sure Your Toddler Is Ready For Your Family Day at the Pool

A day at the pool can get very complicated with a toddler; especially the first few times. Following the steps we’ve shown below will hopefully reduce that confusion a great deal for you…

Time the Event around Their Nap Time

If it’s a day trip or a pool in your locality, make sure to plan the swim time so that it’s well before your little one’s nap time, or right after it. Make sure that they are well rested and in a great mood; or else not only will they be cranky, they’ll be clinging to you, inevitably making it so that you won’t enjoy your time in the water either…!

Make Sure They Have the Right Swimwear

If your baby is older than 6 months of age, then having them swimming with you in a public pool can be pretty fun. However, it’s best if you ensure they have the right swimsuit for this. Try to keep the contact of their skin at minimum; so opt for a full body suit. Rash suits can also be useful here if you feel the weather is too hot for a full suit. If they’re going to be seated at a pool chair while the others in your family swim about, make sure they are protected from the sunrays as well.

Make Sure They Are “Leak Proof”

Until a child is old enough to control their bladder, we strongly believe it’s best if they avoid the public pools so you don’t cause difficulties for others using the pool at the same time as you. If this is not an option, make sure to invest on good quality reusable swim nappies to make sure you’re little one is (somewhat at least) “leak” proof.

Invest On a Sunscreen Suitable For Baby Skin

Baby’s skin is much more vulnerable than adults; so they require special care. Apply a sunscreen suitable for their tender skin before they are exposed to the sun; making sure it’s waterproof even if you have no plans for taking them into the water.

Prepare Their Meals Ahead Of Time

Many pools have their own canteens and snack shops; but these may not be stocked with baby food. Instead of taking the chance or feeding your child whatever you can find, try to bring their prepared food along with you to the pool. Along with that, it’s also best to bring their Sippy cup filled with their favourite form of hydration…! Remember, if they’re hungry or thirsty, the chances of them fussing and fretting is higher; affecting the rest of your swim day…

Pack Toys to Keep Them Otherwise Occupied

If your little one is too young to get into the water, or still weary of getting into the pool, then it’s obvious they’re going to be on seated on the pool chairs along with an adult. To prevent them from getting bored (and potentially cutting swim day in half), consider bringing along with them a few of their toys for them to play with. Have a care with only bringing toys that won’t break/damage if fallen into the water; because accidents are bound to happen. It’s also best if you don’t bring their favourite toys¾in case it gets lost, stolen or left behind…

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