Top Surf Spots in Australia You’ll Never Want to Miss

Summer’s finally here. It’s time to hit the beach and enjoy the waves under the sun. Australia is famous for its stunning beaches nobody can resist. Some tourists call this place the surfer’s paradise because of its vast options of surfing beaches to choose from. Whether you are a newbie surfer or an expert, you could really enjoy the waves on Australia’s shore.

If you’re planning a summer trip around these wonderful beaches, check out Australia tour packages and find one that suits your taste. Apart from beaches, you can also go side tripping on other scenic tourist spots as a bonus.

Here are the most popular surfing spots you have to try when in Australia.

The Pass at Byron Bay

Located in New South Wales, Byron Bay is always present on every surfer’s wish list. There are lots of beaches to choose from with the best waves perfect for surfing. The Pass is one of the top choices among the others but you can always jump to the next one when it’s too crowded.

Cactus Beach

This beach can be found in South Australia. For tourists who love exploring untouched natural beauty, this one will surely make you wow. Lots of surfers from across the globe visit this place to experience world-class waves. Its waves become more turbulent during winter making it less recommended for newbie surfers. But if you want to add some thrill to your tour you may try it. Just make sure you have your complete safety gear.

Bells Beach

This beach is always a go-to spot for surfers. Located in Victoria, this beach is made stunning by its natural red clay cliffs. Aside from powerful waves, it became popular to surfers because of its iconic annual Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival. Try those waves and see for yourself.

Point Break

One popular spot for surfing is Point Break beach which is located in Noosa, Queensland. Beginners can definitely enjoy the much calmer waves on this beach. Even experts in surfing love rolling with the waves and take board breaks in this place.

Northern Beaches

For surf aficionados who can’t leave the city, the Northern Beaches is a great place to visit. Its long shoreline offers options from Manly to Palm Beach, depending on the waves you want. Located in the heart of Sydney, it is accessible to plenty of establishments like cafes, restaurants, pubs, and other shops. You can now enjoy surfing even without leaving the city ambience.

South Cape Bay

This scenic spot on Tasmania is boasts its natural, untouched environment. If you love less crowded surfing places, this one’s a must try. Only few tourists visit this place because one has to endure a long journey across the wilderness before reaching this beauty. You won’t regret it though since you’ll be welcomed by a flawless beach with exceptional waves perfect to ride on.

With such a vast coastline, Australia serves as home to plenty of beaches you could ever imagine. Get your packs ready and see which one becomes a favourite.

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